The history of El Equipo de Campaña

ST! POLITICS was born on July 2004. On July 2014 we welcome El Equipo de Campaña. It has been ten years full of hard work, of many campaigns. Ten years in which we have been fortunate to know you and work against others. It has been 10 years with many challenges of which we have learned a lot. Challenges that have made us better every day and allowed us to get where we are today. But as we always like to say, you have not seen anything yet. And this is just the beginning.

Let us tell you a secret. One of our biggest challenges during this decade was teach others how to write the company name correctly (our name used to be "ST!"or"ESETÉ" in Spanish). So when we decided to start our rebranding, we had very clear that from now on we would call simply as the thing we are. Today we are El Equipo (The Team) that your campaign needs.

After 10 years it is time to change and to take another step forward. It is time to evolve to achieve new goals. It is time to modify our brand in order to boost what we are and everything we offer.

The black is the new green.
Goodbye ST! POLITICS. Hello El Equipo de Campaña.